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Project Binders is a business consulting & facilitating firm assisting companies and corporations worldwide to help provide financing for projects, and through our financial partners we offers a complete and specialized full financial service, specifically and individually structured to you or your client’s needs. A commitment to excellence in meeting our client’s requirements is a commonly shared vision at Project Binders.

Project Binders specializes in creating and developing quality relationships with our clients by providing financial solutions designed to help reach their business goals. Our shared values guide us; inspire us to succeed every day. We are unrelenting and uncompromising in our pursuit of quality and reliability in our professional services.

At Project Binders we consider our client’s needs, goals, and bigger futures’ to be of the highest priority. We believe in the value of long-term relationships, service, integrity and un-compromised quality. Our philosophy is based on our esteemed team of specialists and professionals and a state of the art process that enables our clients to achieve their maximum financial potential.

We meet our customer’s views, understand their challenges and strategies, and ensure that Project Binders is viewed as fundamental to their success. We are working to achieve this goal by listening to our clients, understanding their needs and understanding their business plan.

We conduct our affairs in a manner consistent with the highest ethical standards and strictly guard the confidentiality of our clients’ personal and business information. In this way, many of our clients have non-disclosure agreements with us, thus preventing us from naming them specifically. We are dedicated to the quest for excellence in the quality of the services we offer and the quality of relationships we maintain. We provide complete Privacy, Total Confidentiality and full Non-Disclosure in all your dealings with us.

Our areas of specialization enable us to have direct access to investors; we enjoy significant, competitive advantages, which in turn, allow us to offer our clientele a swift and efficient service that achieves results. Through our portfolio of Domestic & International Partners, we can help provide financing and specialize services for the projects and ventures of our clients.

Our Process

We request as much information as possible to gain an overview of the investment required and its potential of success. We do not want to waste anyone’s time trying to obtain investment for a project that has fundamental inadequacy. If any inadequacy can be overcome we will advise the client accordingly with the hope that the business presentation can be amended. If not then we do not take the project forward. Once we fully understand the proposal and the investment requirements we may talk informally with some of the investors we know to ascertain potential levels of interest.

We request our Funding Intermediary Agreement, associated documents is executed and make arrangements to meet the clients or see the project if required. We prepare the initial presentation documents from the information sent to us as it is crucial this first document is in a format with content that is applicable and relevant to our investor partners.

Once we receive positive feedback from our investor partners we arrange a conference call or face to face meeting with the client and the investor as it’s the client’s responsibility to actually sell the project to the investor, our role is to get the investors to the table, the clients role is to demonstrate they can deliver on their business plan and are a sound investment for our investor partner.

Only when a client is completely comfortable with the preferred investor partner do they officially instruct that investor to proceed and we work with the client to prepare the comprehensive formal submission documents package. We work with the client and the investor partner through the due diligence process with the aim of working to the execution of the investment documentation as expeditiously as possible.

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