Vice President & Co-Founder

Asha1Asha Jackson, one of the founding partners of Project Binders–a New York based company–will represent large scale joint venture projects and funding partners.

The core of what we do includes consulting with developers of joint ventures and pairing up with the right funders. Sometimes you have to look for an opportunity to change the way things happen especially when shifting the mind set of entrepreneurs so that they can become producers of their own knowledge.

Another thing that needs to shift is the way we perceive work. We can work in different countries from right here in New York City. The information technologies have allowed me to do that seamlessly, even while we are travelling. We have changed our thinking from old unconnected world and now think more globally.

I have a long record of successfully guiding local, national and multi – national clients with their commercial real estate, acquisitions, lease obligations and asset repositions. Licensed with one of New York’s renowned real estate companies, Hot Homes Realty, we have only just begun to explore the world of opportunities.

A strong advocate of charity work I firmly believe in giving generously, with an open heart and mind. Growing up in Trinidad and moving to the US I’ve started looking at life more openly and with broader vision. Founder of Act of Random Kindness (ARK) my vision is to help individuals in need, both abroad and in the United States. Raising funds through donations and various other fundraising efforts and use those funds to provide food, clothing, education and shelter to any individual in need. I targets specific demographics of individuals as I feel that everyone is entitled to a warm meal, clothes on their back, reading capabilities, and a roof over their heads.

Act of Random Kindness have partnered with other non-profit agencies such as National Educator Program (NEP) along with local churches to serve the same goals; this will enable ARK to distribute goods and services to populations and individuals in need as poverty affects people of all races, genders, and nationalities. ARK will seek out individuals who have low incomes and help them in ways that can make a difference. I will not stop at simply providing a meal, or a coat, or a book, but want to help people become self-sufficient and productive members of society.

We are a comprehensive organization, which creates joint ventures by bringing funding partners together, along with looking at genuine needs of the less fortunate.