Our vision is to help individuals in need, both abroad and in the United States.  We will raise funds through donations and various other fundraising efforts and use those funds to provide food, clothing, education through books and shelter to any individuals in need.  We are targeting specific demographics of individuals as we feel that everyone is entitled to a warm meal, clothes on their back, reading capabilities and a roof over their heads.

Act of Random Kindness will partner with other non-profit agencies such as National Educator Program (NEP) along with local churches to provide the same goals; this will enable ARK to distribute goods and services to populations and individuals in need as poverty affects people of all races, genders, and nationalities.  ARK will seek out less fortunate individuals and any individuals in need including low income individuals, and seek out aid for them.  We are a comprehensive organization, looking at the well-rounded needs of the less fortunate.  We will not stop at simply providing a meal, or a coat, or even a book we want to help people become self-sufficient and productive members of society.



Our plan entails four pillars:

(1)  Providing short-term aid of essentials

(2)  Setting of long-term plan and goals to become self-sufficient

(3)  Housing/supportive services

(4)  Community Partnerships


(1)           Providing short-term aid of essentials

We will set out to locate low income and homeless individuals and using our own resources, or coordinated efforts with other relief agencies, provide them with short-term essentials such as food, clothing and temporary housing. In the aftermath of Sandy, many homes were lost and families displaced.




(2)           Setting of long-term plan and goals to become self-sufficient

We will then counsel those individuals regarding their long-terms plans to become self-sufficient, whether it be through education, helping them with job interviews, or helping them navigate the numerous government assistance programs that they might be eligible for.

(3)           Housing/supportive services

In the event of homeless individuals, we will work with shelters (if we have not yet established our own facility), to find short-term and long-term solutions for our clients.


(4)           Community Partnerships

Our goal is to increase awareness to the plight of less fortunate, low income, and homeless individuals in the United States and abroad.



Providing short term aid and essentials:      ARK will work closely with food distribution companies and clothing manufacturers with the goal of raising funds through donations as well as other creative measures including selling raffle tickets, holding trips and excursions as well as various social gatherings to solicit donations.  ARK has already partnered with Better World Books to receive donations of books to distribute to low income individuals.  The funds collected will be used to purchase additional items for distribution.  ARK will also seek grants associated with our organization goals.

Through ARK’s donations and efforts, we have already participated in the Project New Hope Book drive and partnered with the National Educator Program to supply the Professional Education Development Program in Kandahar, Afghanistan with a donation of fourteen boxes of books to help their goal of educating their citizens.  ARK hopes to be able to continue such relationships and forge new ones with other organizations in the United States and abroad.


Setting of long term plan and goals to become self-sufficient  ARK will educate individuals on the various funds and educational programs available through their local libraries and well as on the Internet.  ARK will also set up interviews and work closely with government sponsored programs such as Work Force One.  The main objective is to not only provide short-term relief and aid to low-income individuals but to also make them self-sufficient by giving them the tools they need to forge their own connections, and obtain employment and education.


Housing and Supportive Services:   ARK will work collaboratively with local homeless shelters until we are able to establish our own facility.  Our goal is to launch a shelter to offer warm meals and a place to stay for indigent individuals.  The facility will also offer counseling to those individuals, educating them on the various help available to them for education and employment.  We will help them find their own homes, and help them get back on their feet to become productive members of society.


Community Partnership:  ARK will work closely with other organizations and churches in reaching out to these individuals to supply their needs for various goods and services.  ARK has already partnered with the National Educators Program as well as CAMBA which has well over 30 locations in Brooklyn, New York as well as the St. Matthew Church.  These organizations along with ARK will continue to provide the necessities for the local community, including members who have recently been displaced by the aftermath of Super storm Sandy.



                        ARK is an agency committed to helping less-fortunate and destitute individuals in need by providing them with clothing, shelter, food, and opportunities to better themselves through books and knowledge.  ARK will partner with other reputable organizations with the same goals, to collaborate on projects to help those in need.  Our goal is to not only provide short-term aid and relief, but to also attempt to rehabilitate people back into the community and the workforce.  ARK is committed to helping individuals learn, so that they can better themselves, by providing them with books and helping them help themselves.  “The simple good you do is considered an Act of Random Kindness.”